Don’t say…

Jorandy performed at Earthbound Radio last Saturday. Definitely talented.

Shot on the 7D w/ 50mm 1.4 lens.


First time for everything.

First time seeing Freestyle Fellowship perform all together. For Free.

Shot on my 7D.

Thanks Mike for bringin’ them down.

Ughhhhh! I like it like that.

Did a little test. 60fps conformed.

Mia Doi Todd…

Pretty cool! or Pretty gay! jk.

Flying Lotus remixed one of her other singles…Pretty dope!


Dam Funk on the piano…

This acoustic piano version of the song “I wanna thank u” off of Toeachizown shows how much of a musician DF is.

So for how much I dig Dam Funk’s music already. I stumbled upon this video and this just adds to the list of reasons he is on my top 10 list. I couldn’t begin to tell you who the other nine are at the moment, but DF gets one of those spots. Fortunate to have caught DF spin a couple times in SD and LA. Its dope how he sings over his tracks while he spins and also says what artist he’s playing. I remember watching an interview of DF explaining why he did that. Definitely has changed my point of view of not sharing songs. Give respect to the artist. They deserve to get their name spread and supported. Its not your music. It’s the peoples music. Universal karma.

I’ve yet to attend Funkmosphere in LA. By the promo alone, i want to go. lol.

Rest in Paradise Mary June C. Ilano.

1 year has passed.

A Shay Shay…

So the other day, the homie St. Clogs messages me his chat with St. Blobs. I think this is worthy of my first blog entry of the year. To sum up what was on the Appreciation thread on Nike Talk and their chat:

Her name is Shay Maria.

-19 year old dancer/model/actress.

-south american (chile)



size 34D
5′ 3″

A bay bay.

D muthaf*cka D!